Personalized service, exceptional facilities and thoughtful attention to detail, accompanied by stunning views of the surroundings make Malima Reception Hall, Poonewa an ideal place to host a conference. It’s picturesque acreage with year-round greenery, tranquil settings, ponds and water features, shaded garden, magical flowering bulbs and blossoms and paved courtyards make it an ideal get away to relax after the cessation of official business.

Our offering is tailored to your specific requirements to meet business objectives, to motivate, inspire and reward your delegates all whilst achieving value for money. We pride ourselves on our creative flair, resourcefulness, innovative approach and professional execution supporting the successful culmination of your event. The purpose-built conferencing facilities offer delegates an exceptional venue located in one of Sri Lanka’s unspoilt regions.

Customer service and satisfaction is our priority. This is achieved through a unique commitment to quality, flexibility and value, matching our customers needs resulting in efficiency. We keep it simple, logical and hassle free for you.